It’s finally getting warmer out. I don’t like working out at home, but I LOVE working out outside 🙂


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One of my favorite things to do when the weather heats up is to go to a local foot ball field and train like a BEAST.


Here’s the circuit I did yesterday:


1. Jog 2 minutes

2. Inchworm 60 seconds

3. Lunges 60 seconds

4. Movement prep 2 minutes (this is a series of mobility exercises to get my joints warm and loose)


1. Sprint 30 seconds

2. High knee lunges 30 seconds

3. Burpees 30 seconds

4. Leapfrog 30 seconds (which is a leap into a squat, to another leap forward into a squat etc …) You can just do squats if you’d like 🙂

5. Sprint 30 seconds

6. Chinups 30 seconds (at the kids jungle gym)

7. spiderman pushup 30 seconds

8. Saw plank 60 seconds


I performed that circuit 6 times and was cooked!


(Check out my 3 WEEK BIKINI BOOT CAMP starting soon!)


This is a full body workout, do it for as long as you can but don’t expect to lose weight and build muscle without eating the rights foods often throughout the day. The only way to regenerate and burn fat from your workouts is to eat right. High protein and high fat predominantly, with lots of green veggies.


Rock on!!







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