Protein is one of the MOST important factors in your fat loss.


The amount of protein you eat each day is directly associated with how much weight you will lose and how much muscle you will gain from your workouts.


A diet low in protein is only hurting you, especially if you’re working out 3 or more times per week. And these days, the majority of people revert to carbs at each meal as the staple. Counting your calories is all good and well, but when you workout, your goal has to be to rebuild the muscles that are basically destroyed during the workout, and burn fat in the process.


I’ve see it over and over again, clients having a difficult time consuming enough protein at each meal. Beans, quinoa, and several other carb sources do have protein in them but they are still primarily a carbohydrate and your body will break them down and absorb them as such.


Here’s a free fat loss meal plan to get you started!:



Your challenge when revamping your diet for fat loss, is to find the lean protein sources that you like, and to start eating enough of them throughout the day at each meal. An EXTREMELY easy shortcut for reprogramming your body so that you crave more protein, is to have a protein shake as a snack between each meal.


Not any protein powder, find a protein powder with only whey protein. Avoid any protein powder with soy protein in it. Soy is the hot dog of protein sources.


To help your body absorb more of the protein efficiently, you have to add a fat source (olive oil or coconut oil or nuts) into the protein shake. Also add berries which are extremely high in micro nutrients. This is by far the easiest way to increase your daily protein intake.


It’s a funny thing, you’ve programmed your body to not need enough protein which is why you crave carbs so much. Your body will quickly adapt to higher protein intake and when that happens, you will crave protein like crazy! Reprogram your body and the results will follow.


Of course at all meals outside of your protein shakes, make sure to have a lean protein source and veggies. Carbs are important, but you’re looking to drop fat and this is where you start 🙂


Here’s a free fat loss meal plan to get you started!:



Rock on!!






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