Is yogurt ruining your waistline?

Light yogurts are loaded with artificial sweeteners, and often high fructose corn syrup. AND corn syrup is one of THE WORST ingredients because the bodys reaction to it is .. FAT STORAGE.

Low fat yogurt is also a no no. It has a TON of added sugar in it which again triggers your body to store FAT.

By the way, many foods with healthy fat in them are great for fat loss. But that’s another post altogether

The solution is PLAIN GREEK YOGURT, organic is the best!

It’s has a MUCH higher protein content than regular yogurt.



And it doesn’t have the added sugars and artificial sweeteners.

Don’t fool yourself by thinking, “I’m going to lose weight, this yogurt has no sugar/fat.”

Add some berries to your Greek Yogurt for flavor and you’re good to go!

Check out my man Alex! After ONLY 1 MONTH of working out 3-4 times/week and working hard on his nutrition this is what you get. HUGE RESULTS! Way to go dude!!

photoalex after

Rock on!!









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