When you look at people who are in shape, you may think it’s genetics or they’re just lucky.


The reality is, it has very little if anything to do with that.


It’s all about rituals and habits!


People who are in shape all the time, have daily rituals and habits that they feel they HAVE to fulfill. If they don’t fulfill them, they feel terrible.


Some of these rituals are:

  • Working out every single week, several times during the week.
  • Working out on their own as well as in a challenging group atmosphere
  • Preparing meals in advance
  • Having easy meals to grab on the go when a prepared meal isn’t available
  • Getting coaching to overcome a plateau

I’m always a member of one or more fitness program that challenges me. I like the challenge, it fuels me to workout harder on my own so that I improve in the program.


For awhile, I’ve been focusing on Thai Boxing. My workout has drastically changed to suit the type of movements and power that I need to improve my ability. I focus alot of time on flexibility, while still developing lean muscle that gives me the speed and power I need to kick and punch harder and faster.


The more healthy rituals you can create for fitness, eating healthy, being consistently happy and positive, being more successful in business etc the more success you will experience those areas.


Rock on!!










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