This is a VERY important topic.


It’s very simple, some people can cheat and some can’t. If you are like an alcoholic with food, you can never cheat! And there are those who can have an entire cheat day of eating whatever they want, and be right back in action the next day.


You know which one you are. Now accept it and move forward!




Luckily there are less intense forms of cheating. A poutine or macdonals are both intense forms of cheating. Less intense types are a bowl of past and bread. Many people who have a really tough time with intense cheats, are still able to cheat with less intense forms.


Carbs are the most desired cheat food and there are super carbs you can take advantage of:

sweet potatoe





These guys are fantastic for fat loss in the right quantity and at the right times. You see, nobody should cut carbs all the time. It’s a great way to drop fat fast, but eventually your body will revolt. ESPECIALLY when you’re following an effective weekly exercise regimen.


The #1 tool to help you stay on track is to record a dialy food log. Write down EXACTLY what you eat and drink and what time of day you consume them.


Rock on!!






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