Have you planned which days you will be working out and do you plan to workout a minimum of 3 times this week?

 Did you weigh yourself and measure your inches to see how you improved from last week?

 Are you writing a food log and playing with your food combinations for better results?


Being Fit has to be at the top of your lifes priority list. It’s easy to forget in the flurry of daily responsibilities and stress. It’s sad but fitness is often one of the first things to be pushed to the side when life gets busy. How dumb is that considering that body is THE ONLY ONE YOU HAVE. The way you treat your body reflects the way you live your life for good, or bad.


Pushing your health and fitness practice to the side when stressed, is literally the WORST thing you can do. When you get stressed, working out is THE BEST stress reliever. You’ll notice that when you workout consistently each week, your threshold for what you consider stressful changes dramatically, you feel like you can handle anything! The flip side is, being out of shape makes you feel more reactive, uncomfortable and unhappy.



Weighing yourself and measuring yourself every 7-10 days is the BEST way to stay on track. The minute you stop doing both, you know your sabotaging your results.


Another powerful tool to use is your daily food log. It’s much harder to cheat when you know you’re going to have to right it down and feel disappointed that you let yourself down.


An easy step you can take today is to clean out your fridge. Get rid of all the crappy food and replace it with lean protein sources and lots of green veggies especially.


If you’ve already done that, awesome work! Now prepare your meals in advance and have lots of high protein and high fat snacks ready for when a big meal isn’t possible.


Always be prepared.

Rock on!!






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