The key principle to understand: If you eat carbs at the wrong time of day, with the wrong foods, YOU’LL STORE FAT.
If you eat carbs at the right time of day with the right foods, you’ll BURN FAT.

1. You have to avoid insulin spikes at all cost – Especially carb based insulin spikes:

When you eat high carb foods on their own, your insulin will immediately spike! When that happens your body goes into fat storing mode (bad).

To stop that from happening, always eat a complete animal protein AND fibrous vegetable with your carb. This combination will keep your body in fat burning mode.

2. Avoid Carb spillover which = fat storage:

Carbs primary purpose is to fuel your energy tank, and replenish it when it’s running on low.

If the gas tank to your car was full, would you keep pumping gas while the tank overflows all over your pants and the ground? Obviously not!

Your body converts carbs into glycogen/fuel and basically fills your muscles and liver (your tank) with it to fuel you for activity. If you are burning little to no energy each day, and your liver and muscles are filled with glycogen (fuel), it will begin to spillover and is then converted to fat


3. The BEST time to eat carbs:

A GOOD time of day to eat carbs is in the morning, when you’re metabolism is revving high.

A BETTER time of day to eat carbs is about 3 hours before your workout so that you’re fully fueled and primed for an amazing workout = burn more calories and potential to build more muscle (by eating right after the workout.)

The BEST time to eat carbs is after the workout unless you workout later in the evening in which case you’ll be better off having your carbs in the morning.

If you have more question email me or give me a shout.


When spillover happens, fat is stored on your body. Follow my advice so it doesn’t happen to you!


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