BE CAREFUL with the eggs you eat:

1. Egg packages are very misleading – organic .. free range .. added omega 3 .. etc

Which ones do I buy!

2. You obviously want the healthiest eggs which will come from the healthiest hens.

3. Hens need sunshine and bugs (they’re actually omnivorous) to be healthy. The grains that most farmers feed hens are not at all what they would normally eat.

4. A healthy egg from a healthy hen will have – over 60% more vitamin A – about 300% more Vitamin E – AND about 200% more omega 3.

I used to live beside a farm and that farmers eggs where AMAZING. If you’ve had a “REAL” egg you know what I’m talking about ..
*so buying your eggs from a farmer is obviously the best choice. If that’s not an option ..

5. “Pastured” and “Organic” are you 2 best choices.

Very Important: Look at the color of the yolk. If it’s a Dark Yellow, then you know it’s high quality. Pale yellow is crap.

6. Spending an extra couple of dollars for high quality eggs is worth EVERY penny.


Let me know if you have questions:



Rock on!!





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