Nobody wants skin that has a little flap action on a windy day ;-P

You want your skin to be tight on your muscle so you can ACTUALLY see your muscles.

First of all, age is not going to play as much of a role as you think. What matters most is your drive to achieve your goal and then your decision to take action every single day!

1. The shape of your body depends on the amount of muscle you have and where on your body. If you have no muscle on your butt and lots of fat – there will be a ton of giggle and no tone. (This goes for every part of your body.) Great exercises to build muscle on your bum are – squats, lunges, deadlifts, 1 leg deadlifts, step ups, squat jumps, donkey kicks etc.

2. So step one is to build muscle. Chances are you don’t want to just improve your butt. If you have lots of time to workout – you can break your workout up into different body parts for each day.

For example focusing on your legs monday, back and chest tuesday, arms and stomach wednesday – rest thursday – and repeat legs on thursday and so on.

You can’t workout 6 times per week? No problem!

Workout 3-4 times per week with full body workouts. You can also create, or have a workout created that focuses more on your problem areas. Full body exercises include burpees, squat press, lunge press, bent over rows, push press, get ups etc..

3. Count your calories and vary your macro ratios:
I’ve spoken alot about this in past posts. Refer to those for more detail because this is even more important than your workout. What’s ESPECIALLY important is when to eat your carbs. Remember if your gas tank (muscle and liver) is full of carbs and they begin to ‘spill over’, that spill over will turn into fat.

If you don’t feed your self the right quantities (calories) and the right Macros (protein/fat/carbs) each day, YOU WON’T build the muscle you worked HARD for during your workout.

Ignoring 1 of the 2 (calories or macros) will also jeopardize your fat loss and muscle gain.

You will MAXIMIZE your after burn effect by eating the right ratio of Macros after your workout – the after burn effect happens after your workout. Get an amazing high intensity bursting style workout and your metabolism will rev high for up to 18 hours after your workout is complete. That means FAT LOSS while you sit at your desk at work!

4. SLEEP – Know what your body needs and make sure you get it. Some people need 6 hours and some people need 8. If you have no clue, buy a sleep monitor to break down your sleep cycles and wake you when you’ve gotten enough zzzzzzs.

If you have questions call or email me anytime – 514-928-0585 –



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