I guess it was about 2 years ago, I heard or read something about this and it really stuck with me.

Then, every time I heard something similar I made a note of it. I would always tell myself “that can’t really be possible. I’m sure it has an effect but it can’t have 100% effect on who you are.”

The funny thing is, over the 2 years, the more I thought about it the more I realized it’s 100% true.

Think about spending time with the most positive, happy go lucky person you know. Do you start feeling those emotions while with that person?

Now think about the most negative, acidic person you know and think about how you feel when spending time with that person.

A human being has enough energy in their body to light up an entire city block for 1 week! And we omit that energy everywhere we go. When you spend time with someone, you basically share each others energy. I’m no physicist but that’s my layman explanation after doing my research 🙂

The reason I’m bringing this up:

1. If your goal is to drop fat and become the BEST version of yourself, that will be VERY difficult if the people around you are out of shape, don’t workout and eat terribly. The quick fix is to find 1 person who is in shape, and make a point of spending more time with that person. You’ll begin to adopt their habits and mindset before you know it! Actively look for that person, and then put effort into creating a relationship with them.
2. The reaches beyond your fitness. If you spend time with people who are abundant, and choose to live their lives abundantly, you will have that same mindset. Do you want to quit your job? Start a business? Take up new hobbies? You can do all those things but your support system will either lift you up, or they will pull you down.

I’m sure you probably already knew that. The tough part is accepting the fact that you may need to change the people you surround yourself with. That can be tough!

The first step is to change 1 person, and replace that 1 person with a more positive, uplifting one.

Before you know you will have changed 3 people and then the ball is rolling!

Email me anytime with any questions (cale.fitness@gmail.com)







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