There is a HUGE mistake people make when trying to shed excess fat and get lean.
It’s called “misguided damage control.”
During summer, you cheat more than usual and even end up drinking a lot of booze (I do the same 😉
Then you try to exercise off all those additional calories, usually in vain.
Cardio is usually the go to exercise and unfortunately, it’s not very effective for maximum calorie burn.
Slow go cardio when carried out in the right strategic manner is going to offer you plenty of positive benefits .. BUT it should be a very small percentage of your weekly exercise regimen.

There are essentially only two times a week when you should carry out your cardio sessions:
1. Right after your rigorous high intensity exercise – which includes primarily metabolic bursting workouts and bodyweight circuits.
2. In between bursting exercises and high intensity exercising
Carrying out your cardio sessions at those times can help you burn stored of fat.
There is one time when you should NEVER do slow cardio – right before weight training or heavy resistance exercises.
Because it completely defeats the purpose of intense resistence training. Slow cardio before resitence training will burn out all your energy stores right before you start lifting the weights – resulting in ZERO stamina to carry out your workout effectivley.
What you need to take away from what I’m telling you:
1. You have to have a clear, educated action plan based on your goals. If your goal is to burn fat quickly, don’t waste your time with slow, same paced cardio. Instead, workout with a metabolic bursting style to burn more body fat while increasing lean muscle mass.
2. If your goal is only to increase muscle mass, stick with weight training and seperate your weight training days and your metabolic bursting days.
3. I didn’t go into this earlier but it’s a very important point: You don’t build muscle nor burn TONS of fat during the workout. Your workout is a precursor to your muscle gains and fat loss – You build muscle and drop fat by feading yourself the right macro ratios (protein/fat/carbs) and the right calorie quantities after your workout. Muscle and Fat loss lives in the kitchen! You do of course burn calories and fat during your workout, but the BIG results still take place in the kitchen.

Let me know if you have questions ..

Rock on!!



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