I’m sure you know or have heard that healthy fat is great for fat loss (in the right quantities.)

One of the powerhouse nutrients found in several everyday fat sources, is the king of faster fat loss. His name is CLA (conjugated linoleic acid).

The only problem with CLA, is figuring out how to get the right quantity of it – to help you burn fat faster. You see, you need to get about 2 or more grams worth in order for it to be effective.

To get those 2 grams you would have to eat:

-Over 10 pounds of beef
-Over 20 pounds of cheddar cheese
-Over 5 sticks of butter
-And about a boat load of milk

So obviously getting enough CLA from food is unrealistic. Get a concentrated dose in the form of a supplement instead.


Now this applies to people who are working out consistently every single week, and are eating the right macro (protein/fat/carbs) ratios and the right total calorie count each day.

If your diet is crap and you don’t exercise, CLA will not significantly help you out. This goes for all supplements like the green tea supplement I have recommended to you in the past.

You can’t take a supplement and expect it to cancel out all your BAD habits. You take a supplement to complement your GOOD habits and give your fat loss and extra BOOST.

There have been multiple studies done, showing the powerful effect of CLA as a compliment to solid eating habits and workout regimen:

The most recent study I read about was performed by the β€œJournal of International Medical Research.”
It was a double blind placebo controlled study. Over 12 weeks, the participants taking the CLA supplement lost 20% of their body fat WHILE the placebo group lost 0 body fat.

1. Step 1 – workout 3 or more times per week
2. Step 2 – Eat properly, eat clean, and get your macro ratios right
3. Sept 3 – Count your calories and vary your calorie count to avoid plateaus
4. Step 4 – Take CLA to SUPERCHARGE your fat loss

Let me know if you have questions ..







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