As you get older, the effects of aging become more and more visible on your body.

You are more prone to infections as your immune system becomes weakened with age.
Your energy levels get much lower.
Your stomach will begin to struggle to digest your food, especially if your diet isn’t that great. And the result is you put on fat faster if you’re not careful.
Also, your skin loses the youthful glow you want – more and more signs of cracks, dryness and paleness appear.

Every day, the cells in your bodies work hard to support your physical, mental and emotional health.

Over time, life begins to take a toll on your body. Organs that were once efficient, begin to show signs of weakness as their cells become old or infused with toxins and die.

Naturally, when cells in our bodies grow inactive and die, they are replaced by new ones. Scientists have since described this important process as ‘cellular regeneration.’

This process requires a great deal of ENERGY.

As you get older, your body begins to struggle to create the high amounts of energy necessary to create new cells.

That difficulty to create the right amount of energy for effective cellular regeneration – can lead to the death of cells. As more and more cells die off, your body basically deteriorates. Depending on the speed of deterioration, you will begin to feel week and show signs of aging either slowly or very quickly.

Aging is natural, but I know you want it to happen slowly rather than quickly.


There are a TON of things you can do to slow down aging:
1. Workout regularly
2. Do yoga
3. meditate
4. Eat a healthy diet
5. lower your body fat percentage and increase you muscle mass percentage

There are TONS of ways to slow it down, BUT there is 1 incredibly effective way to do it, that 90% of people don’t know about.

There is a “super-food” you NEED to know about:

Researchers agree that this ‘super-food’ is more valuable and potent than virtually all the ‘superfoods’ we rave about today. NASA says it is intricately connected to life on Earth as it is believed to produce up to 90% of the oxygen present in the planet. To put this in another way, if this item is completely destroyed, the earth would become uninhabitable for many organisms – including humans.

As you can see, it’s more than a “super-food”, lets call it an “ULTRA-food”.
This amazing ‘ULTRA-food’ is phytoplankton. Phytoplankton basically refers to numerous aquatic microscopic organisms that use light and dissolved carbon dioxide to produce their energy and nutritional requirements.

Scientists say a small dosage of it contains an enormous amount of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed for the body to function at peak capacity.

These are a few health benefits of phytoplankton:
Increased Brain Power and Efficient Memory: Phytoplankton can penetrate into the deepest parts of the brain. Therefore, it stimulates the regeneration of neurotransmitters and boosts memory and overall brain function.
Corrects Neurological Disorder: This ultra-food also heals damaged nerves all over the body by supplying the vital building blocks of the cells.
Better Eyesight: Another advantage of using phytoplankton is that it contains antioxidants that improve vision.
Faster Recovery from Illnesses and Injuries: It also enables the rapid healing of injuries and supports the body’s natural recovery process.
Weight Loss: This is one of the most renowned benefits of this ultra-food. Phytoplankton has the effect of boosting the metabolism of the body by energizing our cells. This in turn supports rapid weight loss.
High Energy Levels: Many users of phytoplankton have revealed that their energy levels increased dramatically once they started eating it. Researchers say this ‘ultra food’ supplies each individual cell with the vital materials that it needs to function properly. And with our cells operating optimally, they are able to release more energy.


Personally, an increase in my ENERGY LEVEL has been the BEST part of using phytoplankton. Every morning, I dilute a few drops of it in water and drink.

And it didn’t take long to feel a dramatic effect.

So do yourself a favor, and go buy some phytoplankton today!


Let me know if you have questions.




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