Easy snack foods are “easy” which is why we love them – but if you choose the wrong ones, flattening your belly and losing fat becomes nearly impossible. What you eat in between meals will decide whether you’re losing weight each week or gaining, so be careful:
*1. Protein Bars: The majority of protein bars (not all,) are filled with artificial sweeteners, terrible protein sources like soy, tons of sugar and other harmful ingredients. The wrong brands and ingredients will leave you bloated and worse off than if you ate nothing at all. If you’re looking for a great quality protein bar, check the ingredients and make sure the only protein source is whey protein. The ingredients list should be short and shouldn’t have a bunch of ingredients that are hard to pronounce.
*2. Smoothie from the Smoothie Store: Making a smoothie at home with the right ingredients can be the perfect fat burning snack .. IF you pick the right ingredients. What you don’t want, is a smoothie with a boat load of sugar that turns into fat as soon as you drink it. Berries, lean protein like protein powder or greek yogurt, a healthy fat source like coconut oil and water is the perfect example of a great fat burning smoothie. Most of the smoothies from the store, have over 50 grams of sugar, not good!
*3. Trail Mix: Nuts are the perfect healthy fat source. And in the right quantity combined with the right complementary food, will help you shed pounds. But Trail mix, the ones mixed with dried fruit are another sugar catastrophe. Sugar when not burned off through exercise, will convert into fat very quickly. So make your own trail mix with a variety of nuts and seeds.
*4. Whole wheat crackers: I used to snack on them all the time when I was young .. with cheese. Boy did I have it wrong. That’s a combination of carbs and fat, the most likely combo to turn into fat once consumed. And to make it worse, most whole wheat crackers are packed with gluten and trans fats like hydrogenated oil which causes inflammation and bloating. If your goal is to lose weight, get rid of crackers and most carbs containing gluten. There are a bunch of gluten free carbs that will help you reach your goals faster and are easy to digest.
*5. Bananas: They’re the perfect tool to help you recover from an intense workout, or fuel you for a workout. But the carb load you get from a banana has to be burned off with exercise. If it isn’t, the scale won’t budge. Depending on the size of the banana, you could be consuming up to 4 servings of carbs or more so be careful and don’t overdue it.

Have a great week!

Your friend and coach,




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