IGNORE Dr. Oz .. seriously shut your brain off when he gives advice

Posted: August 11, 2015 in AWESOMNESS, calefitness, SuperFit Body Boot Camp
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The other day I was watching the show and as soon as he recommended 2 fat storing “fat loss foods” I changed the channel. 

==> 28 Day Transformation Challenge <==

First he recommended Liquid amino acids made from soy AND THEN he recommended Agave nectar.
First of all, almost every soy product you have access to in the grocery stores and even health food stores comes from Raw Soy, not fermented. 

Over 80% of all soy production in the US have been genetically modified – which drastically reduces the health benefits and make them bad for you. 

And raw soy is extremely high in toxins, it promotes estrogen production and limits your bodies ability to absorb essential minerals. 

In short, Raw Soy is Bad for You! And will cause your body to store fat rather than burn it. 


Then the Agave Nectar, which you hear about ALL THE TIME in marketing – as supposedly an effective and healthy fat burner. 

In it’s pure form it can be effective for burning fat – but just like soy, the majority of Agave products you can buy are heavily processed and contain a TON of sugar. 

You probably already know, sugar is the enemy of Fat Loss. 

I get frustrated when I see huge names like Dr. Oz giving suck Shitty advice. But he’s paid to do it, even if it hurts his viewers rather than helps them. 

==> 28 Day Transformation Challenge <==

Let me know if you have questions. 

Talk soon,




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