Happy Saturday!!


I was asked a great question today and I want to share the answer with you:

“How can I add carbs into my diet without gaining weight?”

Cutting your carbs (other than fruit) is one of many techniques that makes you lose weight FAST. But you should never cut your carbs forever and if you try to, you can actually negatively affect your weight loss.

Your body needs certain types of carbs. When you have the right serving size and combine them with the right complimentary macro, you’ll recover from your workouts faster to improve your transformation.

First, use performance carbs like banana, basmati rice, sweet potatoe, quinoa, regular potatoe, oat meal and barley (but I have no idea how to use barley so forget that one 😉

You need to get the serving size right based on the amount of calories your aiming for in a day.

When having a performance carb at a meal – combine it with a LEAN protein. Just have those 2 together, no fruit, no veggie, no fat source.

That’s the best way to do it. You could add some veggies to the meal but you don’t want to overload on carbs which is why I recommend to cut it.

Egg whites & oat meal .. ground turkey & sweet potatoe .. quinoa & chicken etc.

Let me know if you have questions..


Coach C


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