SuperFit Body Boot Camp is a FUN, FAST, LASTING way to get twice the results in half the time.


My boot camp is a mixture of cardiovascular and strength training and much much more. I have incorporated the BEST of every single training style I have researched and fused into one FAT BLASTING workout program. Getting board is never an issue in my boot camp because every single worko0ut is different.

You’ll be using kettle bells, plyometric training, yoga, body weight work, cardio, core work, weight training, boxing and kick boxing training, and much much more.

Every single person who joins the program is a good fit for the program which is why we have the most AMAZING group of Boot Camp DOMINATORS in Montreal. You have to be driven to get in AMAZING shape and get into your SKINNY JEANS (regardless of whether you like to workout or not, it’s impossible to not love the environment) , if that’s you, you’re perfect for my boot camp 🙂


One of the biggest parts of losing weight and getting the body you dream about is having someone positive and educated behind you making sure you are always on track no matter whats going on in your life. This is not a gym membership you pay for each month without using because we don’t let you! We make sure you stay on track and reach your goals because it’s our PASSION. I’ve carefully chosen my team because my clients are number 1 and deserve the BEST!!!


At least 50% of how your body looks is how you eat. You can workout 3 hours a day BUT if you’re not eating efficiently, you won’t look the way you dream about. I have figured out how to get you twice the results in half the time through trial and error with hundreds of clients and success stories. We teach you to eat efficiently without having to diet, so you enjoy the process and ABSOLUTELY love the positive changes you’re making.

SuperFit Body Boot Camp is your one stop shop for twice the results in half the time!

TAKE ACTION to get your dream body and take care of this part of your life.


go watch tv

Text “superfit body boot camp” to get a 100$ gift card towards any program.

514 928 0585

Rock on!!



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